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We help the decision makers of today navigate the volatile business world by delivering trustworthy and unbiased news and actionable insights.


Forging Partnerships

Our relationships with partners and clients come first, relentlessly guarding honesty and truth with every action we take.

Guarding Trust

As a SeeNext partner you can rely on us and the expertise we have built up to now to solve complex problems by gaining a deep understanding of your goals and needs.

Excelling with Flexibility

The fast-paced world we live in demands constant change to stay relevant. By utilising frameworks perfected through the years, we can adapt to every business’ individual requirements.

Providing Actionable Insights

Data is only as valuable as your understanding of it. We strive to give in-depth understanding and relevant interpretation of data, so leaders and businesses can take actionable insights.

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Our journey


SeeNews, Renewables Now and Insights unite under SeeNext


Research and Data department evolves into SeeNews Insights.

2018 takes off as a business intelligence platform adding company profiles, industry and macro reports to the news flow.


SeeNews Renewables becomes


SeeNews spins off as a separate entity.


The SeeNews Renewables website is launched.


The SeeNews brand expands to consolidate all news services and intelligence products by A Data Processing.


Research and Data department launches Company Profiles & Research on Demand. First industry report exploring the IT Sector in Southeast Europe comes out.


The first SEE TOP100 ranking is published. SeeNews expands to markets outside of SEE with a dedicated team for Western Europe.


First SeeNews contract with Reuters is signed.


SeeNews the Corporate Wire is born.
Our journey

Meet our leaders

Ivelina Lambova
Managing Director at SeeNext
Liliya Goranova
Head of SeeNext Insights
Tsvetomira Tsanova
Product manager at SeeNext
Kremena Palyonova-Schwartz
Sales Director
Nevena Krasteva
Editor-in-chief at SeeNews
Anna Vasileva
Operations manager at Renewables Now
Meet our leaders
SeeNext EOOD (operating as SeeNews EOOD at the time of award) has been granted a project under procedure BG-RRP-3.004 "Technological modernisation", financed by the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF).
On April 18, 2023 SeeNews signed the financing contract BG-RRP-3.004-2439-C01. The approved investment totalls BGN 395,650, including 50% in non-repayable financing. The project’s objective is to enhance business processes efficiency, increase productivity, reduce operational costs and optimise the production chain. The project has a 12-month implementation period and is financed under the Programme for Economic Transformation under the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan.