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Renewables Now

Our news coverage is focused on the renewable energy technologies that are key for the energy transition:

  • Offshore wind

  • Onshore wind

  • Solar energy

  • Energy storage

  • Green hydrogen

  • Marine energy

Made for

  • Project developers

  • Energy traders

  • Power producers

  • Private equity/Venture capital funds

  • Banks

  • Electric equipment manufacturers

  • Energy consultancies

  • Government bodies

  • Engineering and servicing firms

  • Trade associations

Services provided


A live newswire covering both established and emerging renewable energy markets giving readers the scoop on the latest developments and trends from across the globe.

Personalised feeds that bring clients all updates from the regions or industries they аre doing business in.

Tailored, on-demand media and market intelligence services by our team of multi-lingual researchers and analysts.

Enjoy a daily coverage of more than 30 stories
Including news on corporate PPAs, hydrogen projects,
large M&A deals, tenders for green energy, capacity plans and more.