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Automotive Industry in Southeast Europe | 2020 edition

The automotive industry is one of the biggest growth drivers and contributors to GDP in each of the eleven countries in the region of Southeast Eruope (SEE). In 2020, it faced its biggest stress test – the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented lockdowns that paralysed economic activity globally.

The preparation of this report started at the end of February 2020, just days before the first case of Covid-19 was reported in SEE. By mid-March most countries had declared a state of emergency. At the time, experts were still uncertain about the magnitude of the economic crisis that had unfolded, but all agreed that the automotive sector would be among the


Our report aimed to analyse the role of the automotive industry for the economy in each of the eleven markets. It includes:

  • an overview of the current state-of-affairs in each automotive market, including main players, production by segments, vehicles sales;

  • a special focus on alternative-fuel vehicles;

  • financial analysis at regional level;

  • an overview of major investments in the sector;

  • trends;

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Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Kosovo Moldova Montenegro North Macedonia Romania Serbia Slovenia
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